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November 16, 2023 | Gigi Hennessy

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No matter how much or how little you may know about Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), whether you’re a landowner, developer or local authority, one thing everyone can agree on is it is not simple.

The general premise, leaving nature in a better state, is an easy goal to understand, but the process of achieving this appears to be rather more complicated to wrap your head around.

Net Gain Staffordshire is a one stop shop for Biodiversity Net Gain within the county, providing information on what exactly BNG is (see our about BNG page) along with housing a registry of BNG available sites for offsetting.

However, what makes Net Gain Staffordshire unique is that we are the only BNG portal that links with the groundbreaking nature recovery network. This network is a series of maps indicating areas where habitat creation should be targeted to improve connectivity of nature across the landscape. It gives a roadmap to what should be restored or created where, ensuring maximum benefits to nature.

Biodiversity Net Gain offers huge opportunities for landowners to receive income to deliver habitat restoration and for developers to target their offsite uplifts in areas that will benefit nature the most.

Local nature recovery strategies are government mandated maps, and agree priorities for nature recovery, map the most valuable existing areas for nature and map specific proposals for creating or improving habitat for nature and wider environmental goals.

Biodiversity Net Gain is the main tool enabling the delivery of Local Nature Recovery Strategies, with offsite BNG uplifts targeted at areas that fall within the network.

What has this got to do with Net Gain Staffordshire? Net Gain Staffordshire is the only BNG portal which displays the nature recovery network for each local authority in the county, this is the evidence underpinning the Local Nature Recovery Strategy, dictating what habitats should be created or restored where.

Local authorities are legally required to deliver their Local Nature Recovery Strategy, so knowing where habitat restoration needs to take place is essential. Net Gain Staffordshire allows users to see where offsetting sites lie on this network, ensuring these areas are targeted for BNG payments and therefore habitat restoration.

Landowners will be able to see what types of habitats they should be restoring on their site, developers can ensure their unit purchases are delivering the best for nature, and local authorities can use private money to achieve their legally required environmental targets.

Net Gain Staffordshire makes locating these vital sites easy and transparent, meaning doing the right thing for nature, and navigating BNG, hassle free.
For more information on Nature Recovery Networks and the Local Nature Recovery Strategy, see our page. Or, feel free to get in touch via our contact page.

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